Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The Turner County Fair understands that your right to privacy is a very important. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our continued commitment to your privacy.

Our site does not use cookies to keep track of your purchases. We do not use cookies to save your membership password, to deliver content designed to match your interests, and for various other purposes relating to your transactions on the Site.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address
WizTix, our ticketing software, uses your IP address to help with problems and for identification purposes only.

Information You Give WizTix
WizTix's forms require you to give us certain contact information such as your name, address, email address, and credit card number. Information is never sold or shared with any other company or individual, and credit card numbers are never retained or retailed by WizTix or the Turner County Fair.

Contact Information
The Turner County Fair may use your contact information to contact you about any aspect of your financial transaction. Information may also be used by the shipping company, when applicable, to deliver your tickets. Your contact information is provided to the venue and promoters of the event for which you purchase tickets buy WizTix. The purpose of releasing your name and email address to the promoter or venue is so that you may be contacted regarding special offers or upcoming events.

How The Turner County Fair Uses Financial Information
Any financial information that is given to the Turner County Fair or WizTix will be used only in the processing and delivery of your tickets. The information you provide will be used to verify the transaction and receive the money directly from your credit card company. Some financial information may be used by the Turner County Fair to identify the customer at the venue (e.g. your last four credit card digits used to identify that you are the person who purchased the ticket). Under NO circumstances will the Turner County Fair or WizTix ever release any of your credit card information to a third party.